Membership FAQ

HELP!! Keyed Access Is not working for me!, or I have lost my Access Key

  • Have you Taken New Member Orientation? You Cannot Pay for your membership and start using the space until you have taken orientation
  • Confirm your membership status is current in your member account in
  • If you selected Send Me an Invoice for the Collection Method check your email for unpaid invoices
  • If you have lost your Access Key follow the steps here
Household payment status screen in

How can I add a +1 (plus one) to a membership?

If so, please forward the link below to your household member so they can sign up and begin the new member training process, then contact us, so we can link the household accounts.

Plus 1 Policy:

Do you offer discounts on memberships, for age, student status, or other reasons?

Twin Cities Maker is an all volunteer member supported community. We do not offer any price breaks based on age or student status, as those things are not strictly indicative of who needs the financial support, or are what they can afford to give, and we do want to discriminate if you need help to be a member or discourage those who can afford to give from supporting the community.

We have a $30 Community Sponsored Membership tier for anyone who needs our community’s financial support to be a member.

The goal of the community sponsored rate is to offer the opportunity for those who need support to be able to ask for it and receive it without stigma, if you need our communities support in order to be a member of the community. that’s what Community Sponsored Membership is there for and we want you to use it if you need it.

If you would like us to apply this discount please let [email protected] know as you’re signing up and we will set it up.

If you are a returning Member who has been away less than a year, and have a clubhouse account, you can pay your dues and manage your membership in the clubhouse:

Are you a returning member who doesn’t have a clubhouse account yet?

Please use the membership application form then email [email protected]:

Covid Information and Operation changes 

PLEASE BE AWARE: Shop Access and Use is currently contingent upon adherence to our covid guidelines so we can make room for all our members to participate in the community.

You are expected to be excellent and protect everyone’s safety by adhering to the Covid Guidelines

Covid Guidelines and policy found here