Upcoming board agenda

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Agenda items for 8/11/2015

Main agenda

  • Ponytail Posse (whenever they are ready)
  • Approval of minutes from the previous Board meeting
  • Consent agenda (see below)
  • Committee report summary

Old business

  • Servers move/Finishing Room
  • Preventative Maintenance Schedule
  • Basic Inventory Checklists for Area and Facilities
  • Member / Board Member / Shop Manager expectations
  • Permanent dishes / fruit fly issue 

New business

  • Stan Winston School - Jake Burowski
  • Financial hardship revision, including household
  • Annual meeting and agenda finalize
  • Card Printer
  • Twin Cities Maker 2020
  • Committees who, when, where and why
  • Communication policy

Consent Agenda

  • Approval of new memberships
  • Approval of scholarship requests