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A note on translating settings from other laser cutters

If you find power settings for a material online, check to see what the power of the laser cutter is. Our laser cutter has a 90-watt tube. Many other laser cutters have tube powers between 40 and 60 watts. 100% power on those machines is more like 40% - 60% power on our cutter, so scale your settings appropriately.

Tested settings

These settings have been tested on our laser cutter, so we know they work. Please add to this list! 

Material Etch Settings Cut Settings Notes
Poplar, 1/4" 25 pwr/100 speed 100 pwr/40 spd Lower the speed for a deeper etch. Use orange cleaner to get rid of the sticky sap residue left behind.
Poplar, 1/2" 25 pwr/100 spd 32 pwr/14 spd For cutting, move the Z axis up 0.1" from focussed
Acrylic, 1/8" 2 - 8 pwr/100 spd 8 pwr/15 spd
Mylar, .010"
8 pwr/80 spd
Styrene, .020"
10 pwr/56 spd Styrene does not darken when etched. Probably a bad candidate for etching, as it tends to melt.
Styrene, .040"
20 pwr/84 spd
Styrene, .060"
20 pwr/42 spd
Drawing paper
0.2 pwr/100 spd
0.5 pwr/100 spd
Transparency film
0.5 pwr/100 spd
Plywood, 1/4" 25 pwr/100 spd 40 pwr/100 spd Use orange cleaner to get rid of the sticky sap/glue residue left behind.
Plywood, 6mm birch
35 pwr/28 spd May need to tweak the settings to get a cut all the way through. (Plywood in general will vary based on the quality of the plys and glue.)
Plywood, 1/4" MDF core
45 pwr/25 spd, 2 passes Not great, but it works. MDF core shows a lot of charring.
Ceramic tile 60 pwr/40 spd
Beware -- the laser spot is screaming bright!
Leather, ~1/8" 1-2 pwr/100 spd 20 pwr/70 spd As for tile, the laser spot is blinding. Stinky -- let the chamber clear for a couple of minutes before you open it. Cut edges will have an ashy residue.