Full Spectrum laser cutter

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"Cathy" is our large laser cutter, a Full Spectrum Pro LF 36x24. It has a 90 watt laser tube, and a 24" by 36" cutting area.

WARNING! Fire hazard!

Materials in the laser cutter can burst into flames at any time. Even materials that you have cut in the past with no ill effect can suddenly ignite. YOU MUST REMAIN AT THE LASER CUTTER ANY TIME THE LASER IS FIRING!No exceptions -- if you must leave the laser cutter, make sure the safety switch is OFF before you step away. Failure to follow this rule will result in an IMMEDIATE BAN from the laser cutter.

Training required

You must be trained on the laser cutter before you use it! The basic training course will be free, and cover the basics of working with the laser cutter. This page is not a substitute for the class -- you must be trained in by one of the approved laser maesters.