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All means of contact

A list of all known ways to contact the group at large

  • IRC - tcmaker (web chat )
  • Forum - Where we started, discussion of many goings on.
  • Email - Contact info for various specific and general queries
  • Google Group - A general discussion list-serve for members and the public
  • Twitter - If you want TCM to tweet your project @ them.
  • Facebook
  • Flickr - Add your photos to the TCMaker Flickr stream by joining and then pushing them to the stream. There currently is a visual of the feed in the side bar on the homepage for TCMaker.
  • Phone - 612-293-MAKE (6253) - Voice-mail monitored by the Board of Directors
  • 3119 East 26th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55406 Map
  • Blog - Our Front page, members can get posting permission
  • Wiki - Where we try to store all information our members and guests may need.
  • Member Photo Wall (physically located in The Hack Factory ) has pictures and contact info for most members for other member use.
  • Ustream Account - To stream video from the place. Username: TCMaker, Password:thenameofourspacelowercasewithnospaces

Members who would like to post to the blog should request access on the forums, or in person at an Open Wednesday. Wiki access is granted through forum login, and there's a how to on the forums (add link)

Email Addresses

Google groups
  • [email protected] - A general catch-all monitored by committee heads, and the Board of Directors
  • [email protected] - All of the members of the Board of Directors
  • [email protected] - An older catch-all monitored by the Board of Directors
  • [email protected] - Our Treasurer handles all dues and membership management (keyfobs).
  • [email protected] - Our Development Coordinator handles donations, gifts, sponsorships and the like.
  • [email protected] - Our Event Coordinator handles class scheduling and internal event planning.