Board of Directors, Officers, & Staff

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Current Board members


Class 1 2015-2018
  • Nick TenBrink
  • Becca Steffen
  • Brandon Paplow
Class 3 2016-2019
  • Chris Odegard
  • Michael Englehorn
Class 2 2017-2020


President Becca Steffen
Vice President Scott Hill
Treasurer George Gelly
Secretary Bob Poate




w/ Classroom, Lobby, Bathrooms,

Outside, Big Yellow, etc.

Dave Schuett
Membership / Communications Scott Hill
Organization Sponsorships Becca Steffen


Shop Manager Becca Steffen
Wood Shop

+ Finishing Room + CNC

Jon Alt

Chris Odegard
Metal Shop Clara Schiller

Steven Skalko

Machine Shop George Gelly

+ Committee

Laser Shop


Scott Hill
Electronics Shop Michael Englehorn
Arti-factory Shop Kyle Carlson
Member Storage Sam Talbot
IT / Technology Infrasturcture

(w/ Computer Lab)

Scott Hill

Brandon Paplow