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Authorized users

The Laser Cabal

The Laser Cabal is charged with maintaing the laser cutter hardware and software. These are the only people who should be poking around with the laser's hardware or control computer.

You can contact the Laser Cabal by sending an email to laser (at)

  • Riley Harrison
  • Scott Hill
  • Kelly Murphy
  • Matt Waterhouse

Trained users

The following members have completed one of the laser training classes and are allowed to work with the laser:

  • Lee Anderson
  • Steven Anderson
  • Jon Atkinson
  • John Baichtal
  • Stephan Bossert
  • David Bryan
  • David Couet
  • Andy Delany
  • Bil DeLong
  • Alex Dyba
  • Michael Englehorn
  • Kelly Fee
  • Lauren Flynn
  • Jeremy Gilsdorf
  • Johannes Kidane
  • Andy Kvamme
  • Stephen Lake
  • Jeremy Liazowski
  • Pete McKenna
  • Eric Osterberg
  • Bob Poate
  • Matt Rymer
  • Daniel Schaff
  • David Schuett
  • Josh Sievers
  • Steven Skalko
  • Doug Thorpe
  • Stephen Van Dahm