2014 Governing Board Candidates

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Here are bios of this year's Board Candidates. Election will take place at the 2014 Annual Membership Meeting on Wednesday, June 18th 2014 at 7:30PM.

Jude Dornisch

Riley Harrison

Hi, I'm Riley, and I've been a member of Twin Cities Maker for close to 4 years now. You might have seen me grilling hot dogs on the front lawn during open house. I do a few different things with our organization, including teaching classes on making wooden bows for archery, and the longer class on how to use the laser cutter. I also help organize our presence at events like Marscon, Minicon, Art-a-whirl, May day celebration at powderhorn park, and Northern Spark.

The people at our organization have taught me a lot. When I first joined, I didn't know how to use any of the tools we have. Over the course of time, I've learned so much, from so many people. I've had chances to do things I never imagined possible. This last weekend, I got to spend time with an incredible group of people launching glowing water balloons through the night sky, with a giant trebuchet, in front of the Minneapolis Convention Center. I want other people to be able to have the kind of wonderful experience I've had, and I hope that being able to represent our members on our board of directors will help me do that.

Kelly Murphy

I have been a member of TCMaker since April 2011, In that time I have seen the space grow from a single row of equipment to the space it is today.

I have held the 2nd Vice President position of another Non-Profit named "Great Lakes Shipwreck Preservation Society" and while there have helped lead the show committee of that group to create the "Upper Midwest Scuba and Adventure Travel Show." Which presently has 2 threads of speakers, a large exhibitor area, as well as a raffle and silent auction.

I believe my experience obtained from the time I served on the board of the GLSPS can be used to make the TCMaker space an even better place for the community to enjoy.

Chris Odegard

Steven Skalko

My name is Steve Skalko, but you might know me better around the shop as “Stevie Nukes” or “that guy in the metal shop with a ponytail.” I have been a member of Twin Cities Maker for about five years, and I spend an inordinate amount of time at the Hack Factory. I am currently working on a casting forge for the shop (because melting metal is awesome and we should do some more of it). I am also the current metal shop manager and have been a pro-tempo board member for the past few months, and thus far have survived. I've been more actively involved in outreach events recently, including attending my first ever science fiction convention to help represent TC Maker. I think that I would be a great board member and have a lot to offer—most importantly, a strong dedication to this organization. I can help to facilitate communication between the membership and the board of directors, and because I'm here a lot, I have a good idea of what our members and our shop really need (or want).

Nick TenBrink

Lifelong builder/maker/hacker.

I am a newer member when compared to many of our current board members and candidates, but I would venture to say to not write that off as a mark of inexperience and or depth of knowledge. In the past I’ve mentored educational groups such as FIRST Robotics programs to introduce students to science, engineering and technology. In many cases we were truly educating students on how to use their creative thought process to bring their ideas to the world. This unto itself is a building block to the maker/builder/hacker mindset. I personally am versed in multiple disciplines in regards to our community; electronics, wood working, metal working, radio, re-purposing/hacking and community building.

I feel that in regards to helping our creative community to continue to grow and mature we do need to have some fresh and new perspectives at the board level. We have come a long way since the beginning but we cannot allow ourselves to stagnate in progression.

I myself would plan on taking on more of an administrative/operational role on the board to help deal with more of our general operational issues. I feel at this time we have too many eggs in too few of baskets and it is effecting other areas and people that should not be burdened with these issues. In doing this I feel that we all will be able to better focus on our community and we will be better able to serve each other at all levels.