About HMMM


  • Handmade Music Minneapolis is a monthly gathering in Minneapolis at the Hack Factory with a mission to make noise. It is a venue for people to share what they make with others in the community and abroad.
  • See the Calendar for more info on dates and times.  These happen roughly once or twice a month.
  • Open to the public.


  • Handmade Music operates without the need for upfront funding, we rely on the Member base of TC Maker, if you are not a member think about joining.

How to Participate

  • Attend the monthly gathering to meet fellow noise makers.
  • Bring in your toys/ideas, give a concert, have some fun.
  • Give a talk/demonstration (did you just design a circut? we want to hear about it, did you find a cool circuit bending technique? please share.
  • Become a TC Maker member and support the cause.