Handmade Music: Minneapolis #3

April 6th, 2010 by paulsobczak

Saturday May 1st
Free: Open to the public
Bring sonic machines

Please register for the GetLoFi Workshop so we know how many people are coming, there is no fee for registration, but please bring $10 to pay for parts. Register at Eventbrite: http://hmmm3.eventbrite.com/

Alex from Get LoFi will be doing workshop with one of his new sonic inventions, more info on that as it comes. Get Lofi if you are not familiar is one of the oldest running resources for DIY musics, with a focus on circuit bending. The site is an aggregate of all things great about the handmade scene, be sure to check out the archives if you are browsing around. Alex has been messing around with computers and sound for awhile now, I took a class from him at Bent 2007.

We will building something like this (the instrument on the left, not the light bulb thingy):

Paul from will be showing of his latest instrument a hacked bliptronic from thinkgeek. The machine now runs as a monome. What is a monome?

As always bring your sound makers and we will be sure to have a good time. This is the first time we are doing the show on Saturday we are expecting the night to go a bit longer than normal which will be good. The show starts at 5:00pm

If you are thinking about showing up for the first time, it’s free so there is really no reason not to, so stop by and say hello, share what you are doing and enjoy the music, if you are interested in showing off what you are working on be it instruments or perhaps a performance let us know we have a full PA available.


Alex will be teaching a diy course building a kit, it’s currently in development. Right now it includes a calculator keypad to change the capacitance of a 555 style synth.  The estimated cost is in the $10 dollar range.

Pat will be bringing his newly forged underwater mics.

Lots of other stuff is sure to be there.

Flier available for distribution:
HMMM3 Fliers, print ‘em out and pass ‘em around.

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