HMMM 16 October 20th

September 30th, 2012 by flite

October 20th!!

Playing With Colors and Making Music

Join us at Handmade Music Friday Sept 28 for a hands on experience in music arrangement and participation/performance
incorporating elements from John Cage and Matthew Barney to bell ringing choir and “I Learned Everything
I Need To Know In Kindergarten.”

The intention is compose a mural of music using a mosaic a tone color coding method pioneered by Sir Issac Newton
(I skipped him up at the top but this is for reals – For those interested there will be an opportunity to explore the choreographic methods of Merce Cunningham and music of John Cage in your frantic attempts to color on one side of the room and play the corresponding notes on the the other side while your time is
counted down,

Emerging from this chaos? A tune by Nona from Dark Dark Dark that can be played from the score.

Well, that’s the plan at any rate. Come and play!
The Mysterious Correlation of Light and Sound …the guitar chord search engine, 8 million chords, the mysterious correlation of light and sound

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