HMMM 14/15

June 29th, 2012 by flite

So there was some trouble with scheduling May and June HMMM events but July is gonna be both of those events plus a possible surprise all rolled up into one super event Monday July 23….

Daniel Furata  is gonna play a guitar I customized for him.  It’s fretless so he can do non western tunings.  He also has some interesting things he built himself.


We use some interesting things Cyrus Pireh made from abandoned Tape Players

Diva 93

She is Crazy but cool

3 Moons

This guy always builds/plays crazy stuff

4 Responses to “HMMM 14/15”

  1. gliftor Says:

    Is there a definite date for this yet?

  2. flite Says:

    Yes July 23

  3. gliftor Says:

    What time?

  4. flite Says:

    The fliers that went up say 8pm…I am thinking since it’s a Monday things may not start until around 9 to not disturb people working in the shop.

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