HMMM on going events!!!

February 23rd, 2012 by flite

Ted will be hosting an ongoing Pure Data seies every other Saturday… and Alex Deeba of Get Lo Fi is starting a series of workshops making effects boxes and PCB etching. The first of which on making Printed circuit boards is Saturday March 10th. We have the best of both DIY worlds here, the virtual and the hardware!!!

Introduction to Live Audio Processing using the programming environment Pure Data
Pure Data is a free downloadable programming environment tailored for live processing of digital audio. These workshops will consider:
• basics of digital audio • basics Pure Data • tremolo • delays
• frequency modulation • additive synthesis • sampling • granular synthesis
Never buy a guitar pedal again! Later workshops will explore more advanced processing techniques.
Download Pure Data for free and bring your computer.
For a preview of previous workshops visit: RSVP to Ted at [email protected]
Every other Saturday
Beginning Saturday, March 3rd
The Hack Factory 3119 East 26th Street Minneapolis, MN
3-5pm, in the “classroom” @ –>

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