February 7th, 2012 by flite

Cyrus Pireh will play an autoguitar set and give a workshop on how to make an autoguitar!! Touring Vegan chef Joshua Ploeg is coming from Portland and gonna be cooking up some “OH SNAP!!” on the mouthwatering tip!!

A consummate improviser and engaging performer, Cyrus Pireh was born in 1981 in Hoffman Estates, IL. Sensitive to sound from a young age, he began his exploration of string instruments and his artistic career in 1989. His belief in all sounds as one sound and in one sound as all sounds set him apart in his study of the electric guitar. His unique approach to tone and balance feature heavily in his landmark 4-hour work for solo electric guitar, openness, as well as in his continuing P.U.S.H.T.H.E.C.U.T. and 100 Streets series. He is today the world’s greatest living electric guitar player. Cyrus Pireh records music and creates electronics for 4GRE http://4GRE.ORG/

Also there will be food provided by touring Vegan Chef Joshua Ploeg.

Joshua PLoeg used to/ still sing in punk bands (Mukilteo Fairies, Lords of Lightspeed, Behead the Prophet N.L.S.L., Warm Streams), now I cook vegan food and tour around in a fashion similar to the band tours of yore, mostly doing dinner parties and soirees in people’s apartments and art spaces. I tour on public transportation for weeks on end, sometimes bringing my knives along and cook in a wild variety of kitchens (been doing it this way since 2003). I’ve also done several vegan cookbooks: “In Search of the Lost Taste”, “A Typografic Meal to Celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Libelle” (Netherlands), “Dutch Much”, “Twelve Knights In My Kingdom” and “Something Delicious This Way Comes: Spellbinding Vegan Cookery”. Hot Stuff! Currently I live “wherever”!

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  1. gliftor Says:

    When will/did this take place?

  2. paulsobczak Says:

    This already happened, it was put together really quick, I missed the announcement as well.

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