Exhibition Announcement: Uncommon Visions Exhibition

May 13th, 2011 by paulsobczak

I have been working on a commission for the Uncommon Visions Exhibition. The opening reception is on May 15th from 2-4pm. I designed and implemented a midi controller embedded inside a tree trunk. Feel free to stop by and check it out, the exhibition is open until June 23rd.

The system makes use of 4 buttons
Two ultra-sonic distance sensors
one PIR sensor
1 Arduino

The sensors talk to the arduino with then converts the data to midi, which in turn controls an Ableton Live set. I worked with Craig Harris and Candy Kuehn and Craig’s friend Steve to put it all together.

Uncommon Visions Exhibition
May 15 – June 23, 2011
Opening reception on May 15, 2-4PM

Tychman Shapiro Gallery
Sabes JCC
4330 Cedar Lake Road
Minneapolis, MN 55416

Participating artists: Beth Barron, Sonya Berlovitz, Sandra Brick, Leah Golberstein, Mimi Holmes, Gail Katz-James, Candy Kuehn & Craig Harris, Avigail Manneberg, Dina O’Sullivan, Carol Premack, Sandra Self, Sandy Swirnoff, and Deborah Wolk.

Craig Harris and Candy Kuehn introduce Tzedakah Box II, a new interactive sculpture. We hope that you’ll have an opportunity to visit the exhibition (May 15 – June 23, 2011). Please join us for the opening reception if you can on May 15, 2-4pm.

Tzedakah Box II
In many cultures there is a tradition of charity. However expressed, a spiritual aspect of charity is often central to the society’s concept of love, justice and ethical behavior, linking the individual and the individual act of giving directly to the social fabric. In Tzedakah Box II individuals offer the gift of experience, wisdom and personal stories — their innermost thoughts, most poignant moments and deep insights. True to the essence of Tzedakah, the offering is more than an act of charity; it is their responsibility as a member of society. This is a celebration of the interaction that integrates the individual into his or her community in a way that respects the value of what everyone has to offer, and provides an opportunity to listen and learn. Tzedakah Box II honors this creative tradition with seeded and gathered individual stories that combine and recombine into an immersive environment that transforms with the viewer’s interaction.

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