Handmade Music Minneapolis 7 in limbo

May 7th, 2011 by paulsobczak

There are plans for a Handmade Music Minneapolis #7 but as there is uncertainty as to the immediate future of the space where TC Maker is currently located we have stopped short of posting details as we might have to postpone it.

The short of it is that we sub-lease and we were informed that our super-leasers are leaving putting us in quite the precarious situation; we can keep the place but we will need to assume the full rent.

We need new members to join, our rent will go up 1000 or so more dollars.

As many of you that have been coming to Handmade Music events have shown some interest in the tcmaker/Hack Factory, I would encourage you to either become a member or give a small donation.

We have a really neat matching program going on right now, if we meet 1000 dollars in donations one of our members will match it.

If you are able to give your donation can be considered for a tax deduction.

A full explination of the issue and the status of the things can be found at the main tcmaker site.

As always if you have any suggestions, or ideas email, call, us or post stuff here on the blog.

This has happened to us before and we were able to rise to the occasion, hopefully with your help we can do it again.

If you are on the tipping point of weather to join or not I would recommend watching this TED talk

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