HMMM Update

May 20th, 2010 by noiseislife

I’m going to break from the monthly schedule for upcoming HMMM events.  My life is going to be getting more complicated in the coming months culminating with a move to Wisconsin.  My job will still be located in Minneapolis so it is my intention to continue with HMMM, but I need finer control of the schedule.

I will be scheduling HMMM4 in the coming days, please let me know if you have something to contribute or any ideas for fun activities.  Also let me know if you are a performer or know of anyone that would like to perform (or jam) at a HMMM event.

Noise is Life.

HMMM3 Report

May 13th, 2010 by noiseislife

Handmade Music: Minneapolis #3 was a success. More than 25 people showed up for the GetLoFi workshop. Alex Deeba and Micheal Una did an awesome job helping people build sweet 555 touch control synths. We also had an unexpected visit from Mickey Delp from Austin, he is a regular at Handmade Music Austin. Mickey brought some of his creations to share with us including his newborn kit called the Bender Sequencer. I bought the very first one of his kits which I have been having fun with.

Here are some pictures from hmmm3.

Handmade Music: Minneapolis #3

April 6th, 2010 by paulsobczak

Saturday May 1st
Free: Open to the public
Bring sonic machines

Please register for the GetLoFi Workshop so we know how many people are coming, there is no fee for registration, but please bring $10 to pay for parts. Register at Eventbrite:

Alex from Get LoFi will be doing workshop with one of his new sonic inventions, more info on that as it comes. Get Lofi if you are not familiar is one of the oldest running resources for DIY musics, with a focus on circuit bending. The site is an aggregate of all things great about the handmade scene, be sure to check out the archives if you are browsing around. Alex has been messing around with computers and sound for awhile now, I took a class from him at Bent 2007.

We will building something like this (the instrument on the left, not the light bulb thingy):

Paul from will be showing of his latest instrument a hacked bliptronic from thinkgeek. The machine now runs as a monome. What is a monome?

As always bring your sound makers and we will be sure to have a good time. This is the first time we are doing the show on Saturday we are expecting the night to go a bit longer than normal which will be good. The show starts at 5:00pm

If you are thinking about showing up for the first time, it’s free so there is really no reason not to, so stop by and say hello, share what you are doing and enjoy the music, if you are interested in showing off what you are working on be it instruments or perhaps a performance let us know we have a full PA available.


Alex will be teaching a diy course building a kit, it’s currently in development. Right now it includes a calculator keypad to change the capacitance of a 555 style synth.  The estimated cost is in the $10 dollar range.

Pat will be bringing his newly forged underwater mics.

Lots of other stuff is sure to be there.

Flier available for distribution:
HMMM3 Fliers, print ‘em out and pass ‘em around.

Handmade Music: Minneapolis #2 – Report

April 6th, 2010 by noiseislife

Time for a belated report on the second Handmade Music: Minneapolis aka HMMM #2.

We had another fun event.  Many people made Ed Vogel’s cookie box guitars and Nick H passed out some contact mics so people could plug in their creations.  Nick also brought all of his gear and jammed with a couple other attendees.  Roger W had some technical difficulties with his instrument of choice, but pulled some other stuff together and made some good noise with Nick.  He was even using some samples from the recordings done at the previous HMMM.  Other highlights: Mike C’s projects including a rack mountable Atari Punk Console and sequencer, Alex D’s calculator keypad synth and Ed’s cool little hacked boom box amp.  I also demonstrated my MIDI sequenced VidiSynth seen above.

Plans have begun for HMMM #3 which will be on Saturday, May 1st (change of date to accommodate Alex D).  Please let me know if you have anything you would like to contribute or have any other ideas.

Soundbuilders Mini Series

April 1st, 2010 by paulsobczak

Have you ever had an idea of how to improve a musical instrument, or invent a new one altogether? And did you let that dream die? Well here is your chance to revive that potential creation of yours, and let the world truly understand your musical inventiveness. Take a moment below to describe your instrument, upload a photo, or a sketch, and submit it to the Sound Builders Contest.

and CMOS Oscillators

Handmade Music: Minneapoilis #2

March 11th, 2010 by noiseislife

The next Handmade Music: Minneapolis is Thursday, March 25th.


  • Ed Vogel is going to talk about his Cigar Box Guitars.
  • Pat Arneson is going to demonstrate his VidiSynth/VidiSeq project.


  • Ed is also going to bring supplies so that we can build some one string girl scout cookie box guitars.
  • Noise and Tell – Bring your projects or favorite noisemakers and show them off and jam with others.


  • Roger Williams
  • Pelzwik

If you are interested in performing or doing a presentation, please let me know. lifeisnoise at gmail.

Here are a couple fliers.  Feel free to print some out and distribute them at events or other appropriate locations (click through for printable images).

Handmade Music: Minneapolis #1 – Report

March 8th, 2010 by paulsobczak

What a great night! Our first Handmade Music was a big success, lots of people showed up and got to show off and learn a bit more about sound. The night was mostly just a free for all with no direction or organization, it was awesome, none-the-less we had a great response and some terrific enthusiasm.

A few people brought things to show off or play. It was a pretty diverse collection:

- Cigar Box Guitar
- PICaxe-based Synth
- Mini-theremin kit
- Synth chip and MIDI file playback.
- Drum Pad Game Controller
- MIDI drum pad and ChucK apps
- PAiA Theremin, KAOSS Pad, Drone Lab, Supercollider Apps, MFOS Weird Sound Generator
- 555 Throwies, Arduino Synth, Thingamagoop, Assorted contact mics

I didn’t take a head count or record attendees (live and learn) but I think we probably approached around 30 people total throughout the night.

Here are some pictures from the event.

And here are some of the ambient sounds of Handmade Music.

The next event will be on March 25th, 7:00 to whenever again at The Hack Factory, please bring things to share with the group. More information on that night and future nights can be found at Handmade Music Minneapolis Page on TCMaker’s Wiki.

Short demo of the Paia Thermax at The Hack Factory in Minneapolis.

Pure Data Tutorials

March 6th, 2010 by noiseislife

I found a series of Pure Data tutorials on YouTube, so I created a playlist of them all.

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