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Next Handmade Music January 29th at 8PM.

Matt “The Thwacker” Wacker

will be playing beautiful electronics he made

More TBA…

Don’t take it so Lightly: A Play From Missoula Montana

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Saturday 8:00 PM

Craig Domes and Christopher Magee are Lost Dog Productions, a nonprofit theater company based out of Missoula Montana.

They are touring a two-man one-hour play “Don’t Take it so Lightly” about two maladroit scientists attempting to save humanity while analyzing the virtue of existence in a world coming to an end.

These guys are awesome.

musical performances by:

Growth Spert


John Zuma St Pelvyn

Pre-Halloween Fashion Show/Contest October 28th

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This is not officially a Handmade Music Event but it is super cool and happening at the Hack Factory!!!
Pre- Halloween fashion show featuring spooky fashions by:
Rachel Blomgren
Beeth Cake
Natalie Mazarol
Kiera Coonan
Emrys Mariel
Greta Herman
and more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yikes



Come early to get into teams to make some scary glamour costumes in the basement! There will be sewing machines, all sorts of crafty supplies to use, probably some hot glue guns, poms, lace, ribbons, and masks to bedazzle.
The winner of the contest will get a trophy made by me and a gift card to somewhere yet to be determined.
Don’t be a dummy mummy, come to the Hack Factory!

7 PM (come early or you won’t be able to compete in the costume contest)

Halloween attire is encouraged, though not required!

HMMM 16 October 20th

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October 20th!!

Playing With Colors and Making Music

Join us at Handmade Music Friday Sept 28 for a hands on experience in music arrangement and participation/performance
incorporating elements from John Cage and Matthew Barney to bell ringing choir and “I Learned Everything
I Need To Know In Kindergarten.”

The intention is compose a mural of music using a mosaic a tone color coding method pioneered by Sir Issac Newton
(I skipped him up at the top but this is for reals – For those interested there will be an opportunity to explore the choreographic methods of Merce Cunningham and music of John Cage in your frantic attempts to color on one side of the room and play the corresponding notes on the the other side while your time is
counted down,

Emerging from this chaos? A tune by Nona from Dark Dark Dark that can be played from the score.

Well, that’s the plan at any rate. Come and play!
The Mysterious Correlation of Light and Sound …the guitar chord search engine, 8 million chords, the mysterious correlation of light and sound

HMMM 14/15

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So there was some trouble with scheduling May and June HMMM events but July is gonna be both of those events plus a possible surprise all rolled up into one super event Monday July 23….

Daniel Furata  is gonna play a guitar I customized for him.  It’s fretless so he can do non western tunings.  He also has some interesting things he built himself.


We use some interesting things Cyrus Pireh made from abandoned Tape Players

Diva 93

She is Crazy but cool

3 Moons

This guy always builds/plays crazy stuff

HMMM on going events!!!

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Ted will be hosting an ongoing Pure Data seies every other Saturday… and Alex Deeba of Get Lo Fi is starting a series of workshops making effects boxes and PCB etching. The first of which on making Printed circuit boards is Saturday March 10th. We have the best of both DIY worlds here, the virtual and the hardware!!!

Introduction to Live Audio Processing using the programming environment Pure Data
Pure Data is a free downloadable programming environment tailored for live processing of digital audio. These workshops will consider:
• basics of digital audio • basics Pure Data • tremolo • delays
• frequency modulation • additive synthesis • sampling • granular synthesis
Never buy a guitar pedal again! Later workshops will explore more advanced processing techniques.
Download Pure Data for free and bring your computer.
For a preview of previous workshops visit: RSVP to Ted at ted@tedmooremusic.[email protected]
Every other Saturday
Beginning Saturday, March 3rd
The Hack Factory 3119 East 26th Street Minneapolis, MN
3-5pm, in the “classroom” @ –>

Jazari Confirmed for Maker Faire 2012 April 14

February 17th, 2012 by paulsobczak

Stay tuned to the twin cities maker blog for more updates!


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Cyrus Pireh will play an autoguitar set and give a workshop on how to make an autoguitar!! Touring Vegan chef Joshua Ploeg is coming from Portland and gonna be cooking up some “OH SNAP!!” on the mouthwatering tip!!

A consummate improviser and engaging performer, Cyrus Pireh was born in 1981 in Hoffman Estates, IL. Sensitive to sound from a young age, he began his exploration of string instruments and his artistic career in 1989. His belief in all sounds as one sound and in one sound as all sounds set him apart in his study of the electric guitar. His unique approach to tone and balance feature heavily in his landmark 4-hour work for solo electric guitar, openness, as well as in his continuing P.U.S.H.T.H.E.C.U.T. and 100 Streets series. He is today the world’s greatest living electric guitar player. Cyrus Pireh records music and creates electronics for 4GRE http://4GRE.ORG/

Also there will be food provided by touring Vegan Chef Joshua Ploeg.

Joshua PLoeg used to/ still sing in punk bands (Mukilteo Fairies, Lords of Lightspeed, Behead the Prophet N.L.S.L., Warm Streams), now I cook vegan food and tour around in a fashion similar to the band tours of yore, mostly doing dinner parties and soirees in people’s apartments and art spaces. I tour on public transportation for weeks on end, sometimes bringing my knives along and cook in a wild variety of kitchens (been doing it this way since 2003). I’ve also done several vegan cookbooks: “In Search of the Lost Taste”, “A Typografic Meal to Celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Libelle” (Netherlands), “Dutch Much”, “Twelve Knights In My Kingdom” and “Something Delicious This Way Comes: Spellbinding Vegan Cookery”. Hot Stuff! Currently I live “wherever”!

HMMM 11!!

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Handmade Music Minneapolis Pure Data Workshop

Pure Data is a FREE downloadable programming environment tailored for live processing of digital audio. We’ll learn the basics of digital audio and programming in Pure Data. Come learn to create a “patch” for tremolo, delays, or other common audio FX to be used with any audio input. Never buy a guitar pedal again!

Dowload Pure Data for free and bring your computer.

Duration 2 Hours.
January 21st• 7pm – 9pm
Hack Factory
3119 East 26th Street

HMMM 10 Stella Amp Build

September 25th, 2011 by paulsobczak

HMMM is back building again, HMMM 10 will be a build night.

Twin Cities Maker Member and founder of Crazy But Able, John Wilson will be hosting a building of his new kit the Stella Amp. There are a limited number of seats available for the class so sign up early. Handmade Music will be providing the soldering stations and solder, you can bring your own irons if you would like as well.

No prior knowledge of soldering is needed there will be some people to help you along the way if this is your first time around the iron.

Due to the soldering irons this class is limited to persons of 8 years of age or older.

Date: 10/7/11 7:00 to 9:30pm

Location: The Hack Factory

Cost: $35,

Open to the Public

Register: Via Eventbrite

# of seats: 8 total for current count see the eventbrite site.

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