TC Maker logos/etc. source files?

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Re: TC Maker logos/etc. source files?

Postby otto_pjm » Tue May 24, 2011 1:32 pm

wammie wrote:Regarding the plan for pages as descibed by Pete, note that a lot of the "resource" images will just be thumbnails used for linking out to larger files. We'd want to avoid characterizing the thumbnail images as resources, so people don't get confused and grab the thumbnails as the expected full file.

I have relatively few thumbnails at the moment, and most of the stuff I'm posting is SVG or EPS vectors or g-code text. It's all pretty small, and will likely be local to the web server. The png's etc are to give a visual for what the coded files produce or are sourced from, and would tend to not be useful in and of themselves, whether at thumbnail or full size. I'm also only uploading 1 copy of any raster file and using the Wiki code to scale it down to thumbnail size if required. YMMV.


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