working computer parts: make an offer

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working computer parts: make an offer

Postby Theo » Sat Aug 22, 2009 11:50 am

Hey folks --

In the (long, frustrating) process of troubleshooting my gaming PC, which runs 64-bit Vista and had been failing to boot & throwing misleading bluescreens instead, I replaced a few significant parts which turned out NOT to be the source of the problem. (it was Vista OS corruption all along, aaaaaaaaaaargh, I've just spent 2 days reinstalling everything and I'm STILL applying SP2; fortunately I had all my data & music backed up, but still, man, seriously, no option for an OS rescue reinstall with Vista Home Premium?? BALLS)

[ahem] Anyway...

I have a decent AM2 mainboard and a decent ATX power supply spare, now, and it looks like I didn't actually need to replace them. (Now that I have, though, the new parts are darn well STAYING in there.)

Asus M2N--SLI Deluxe, very slightly modded
(I removed the logo from the northbridge block, and substituted Arctic Silver 5 thermal compound for the factory thermal pad)

Thermaltake TR2-500 PP (black)
(not for a dual-video-card SLI or Crossfire rig, but excellent for a simpler workstation)

If you already know my cell# or you see me on IM or have my email, you can contact me that way; otherwise, send me a PM here on this forum.

Make an offer! Cheers!

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