Someone please talk me down off the ledge

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Re: Someone please talk me down off the ledge

Postby wammie » Thu May 07, 2009 6:18 pm

Theo wrote:Hmm, lemme think on this, then. OK. Sub-$500 budget, needs to run E:TW...

Cool Theo!

Guys, this does look like a sweet processor to build around! I like how BZBoyz makes suggestions for compatible motherboards and such when picking a processor!

As I've mentioned, I'm in pursuit of a new PC build *in reality* and I wouldn't limit myself to $500.

Being a non-gamer, I would not need a dual video card setup to start. Even onboard discrete video in a motherboard might work for the time being; I've seen some motherboards advertised with that feature.

However, in the timeframe before my next major rebuild - typically three to four years - I might want to run a high resolution flight sim or something. So the motherboard I choose now should be upgradeable to SLI/Crossfire. :D

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Re: Someone please talk me down off the ledge

Postby Leo » Thu May 07, 2009 11:24 pm

ExtremeTech had an article on a $500 gaming rig.,2 ... 481,00.asp

Might be worth a look. I have built several of their budget rigs in the past. Had really good luck with them. They are using a Foxconn. The graphics card is a ATI 4770 supposed to be a budget screamer. If you already have some of the parts crank up the processor. If you are prone to want to overclock look at the enthusiast sites to pick a combo that has good headroom.

Sorry I am not a good one to talk about ledges. I have built 9 computers in the last 3 years just because they were shiney. The latest 2 had intel Quads with Asus mobos. I am trying to ignore the call of the i7's. If the mobos come down a bit I may I may give in to the sirens call again.

Btw Theo I live in Eagan also.


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Re: Someone please talk me down off the ledge

Postby Theo » Fri May 08, 2009 5:45 am

Leo wrote:Btw Theo I live in Eagan also.

Ha! I KNEW it was an Eagan thing and not at all my own fault. Forces beyond my control. Totally out of my hands.

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