Tool Auction Ending Jan 17th GREAT Prices

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Tool Auction Ending Jan 17th GREAT Prices

Postby Just_in » Mon Jan 16, 2012 11:40 am

:mrgreen: Howdy
Just passing on a notice about a tool auction going on. LOTTA stuff I would like.. MAybe a few others. Want to get this info out to The Board and individual members

"I was just looking at Auction Masters Online auction and I found a
Beverly Shears (B2) for sale. I know I've heard people talking about
wanting them, so I thought I let you all know. The Auction is for a
Metal Fabrication Shop and closes at 6 PM, Tuesday, January 17th,
2012. ... -AND-TOOLS
(the whole auction) ... sters20/41 (just
the shears)"

Am going to X-Post... hopefully not in an offensive manner.

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