Original Wordplay Idea(?): HACKRONYM

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Original Wordplay Idea(?): HACKRONYM

Postby wammie » Fri Oct 21, 2011 7:23 pm

I love playing with words and I think I've come up with a new, original wordplay idea: HACKRONYMS. I've Googled this and not found an instance, so maybe my claim of originality is legit.

Here's the idea.

Definition of HACKRONYM: a hacked acronym (e.g., butchered, baked, maked) from a commonly known acronym, for its appeal to the hacker and maker communities.

Especially good HACKRONYMS would bear a definition (or definitions) related to the acronym from which it originated, strike immediate accord with the hacker/maker experience, lingo, and ethic, and embrace irony or humor. They would also not be generated from special acronyms already well established in the communities, lest they cause confusion in use.


FBI - Fixed, But Inscrutable
NASA - Needs A Space Assessment
IRS - Is Really Sucky
PBJ - Pretty Bad Jam, Pretty Badly Jammed
UFO - Unidentified "Fixed" Object
BTW - Better This Way
AM - Ante Make
PM - Post Make
TBA - To Be Attacked
TGIF - Thank God It's Finished

Can you come up with some good HACKRONYMS?

[Edit: I thought this to be a TC Maker asset, so I posted it also on the blog.]

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Re: Original Wordplay Idea(?): HACKRONYM

Postby wammie » Sat Oct 22, 2011 12:11 am

I hope I don't get stoned, hogtied, and quartered for proliferating hackronyms, but here are a few more of them and usage examples.

BLT - Borked, Lifeless, and Toast
YTD - Years of Time Devoted
SOB - Son of a Botch
BCE - Before the Common Error
EOD - End of Doing
FEAR - Freaky Experiment Appearing Realistic
TARGET - The Always Redoable Great Experimental Thing
MESS - Merely Expected Such a Situation
UBER - Unbelievably Badass, Exceedingly Righteous
FWIW - For a While It Worked

Usage: "It's FBI stuff. I can't show anyone what I did to it."

Usage: "I think this deserves NASA attention."

Usage: "Sorry, it got claimed as IRS property."

Usage: "I'm not into PBJ, thank you."

Usage: "Hmmm, OK, but I'd call it a UFO."

Usage; "I have a BTW suggestion."

Usage: "It'll be starting sometime soon, AM most likely."

Usage: "It'll be finished later, probably PM."

Usage: "The project is TBA."

Usage: "TGIF!"

Usage: "BLT? Not such a great thing."

Usage: "I've put in a lot of hours, YTD."

Usage: "I thought this SOB would work out better."

Usage: "Yes, It worked fine one day BCE!"

Usage: "I'll mark it done at EOD."

Usage: "You know what FEAR means, right?"

Usage: "TARGET success!"

Usage: "Yeah, I MESSed it before I even started."

Usage: "UBER project there, dude!"

Usage: "All the parts were new, FWIW."

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