lost: red oiler gun for lathe/b-port

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lost: red oiler gun for lathe/b-port

Postby kstoerz » Thu May 24, 2012 3:29 pm

A red lever-pump oiler gun usually lives at the lathe bench, and it is filled with a specific type of oil intended for the lathe's spindle bearings and other moving parts (not motor oil, not cutting oil, not mystery oil, etc.) This has disappeared sometime relatively recently. I'm not super worried about the loss of the oiler, if it is truly lost, but I am more concerned that while it is gone, anyone using the lathe is going to be tempted to lubricate it with whatever oily substance happens to be nearby, which is probably going to be cutting oil, motor oil, or what have you. This is bad.

Does anyone know where the pump oiler went? It was labelled with the oil type (Mobil DTE, SAE 20) and "for lathe lubrication only", but that was wearing off and that kind of clear and specific labeling doesn't seem to mean anything around here anyways...

Lacking the oiler, does anyone have a ready source of those squeezy clear plastic bottles with a thin right-angle spout in the cap? That would be even better since it wouldn't leak as much and you could see the oil flow down the spout instead of being surprised once it starts moving. I think they're used for laboratory work or applying solvents, etc. There's one with some kind of white cutting fluid in the Bridgeport rolling chest. I'm thinking something similar would be killer. Lemme know.


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lost: red oiler gun for lathe/b-port

Postby contortpiezo » Mon May 28, 2012 2:18 pm

I have a squeezer bottle.

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