Rockem Sockem Robots Parade Float P.R. Idea

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Rockem Sockem Robots Parade Float P.R. Idea

Postby Thorpedo » Tue Mar 27, 2012 12:17 pm

Here's a P.R. idea that came to me while I was thinking of what kind of cool things one might make for Minne-Faire. There are various parades around the twin cities. What if we built a Rockem Sockem Robots parade float to build TCMaker/Hack Factory awareness?

The body and legs could be fixed. The four things that would move would be the waist, the arms, and the head. Rig them to some remote controls and have them, dance, wave to the crowd, and fight. It would be more interesting than a lot of the floats. We could have the various maker activities listed on a border of the float.

Shooting candy into the crowd with potato cannons may be a bad idea though.
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