minne maker fair tcmaker activities

Discussion area to plan TC Maker's participation at our Minne-Faires
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minne maker fair tcmaker activities

Postby Orkraider » Thu Mar 10, 2011 3:03 pm

I'm excited to announce the formation of a committee (yay, committees) to handle tcmaker activities at the maker faire, not including the vendor stuff that John is handling so well.

I'm chairing, Wammie's onboard, who else wants to take part in the fun?

Shoot me a pm and let's talk!

I'm going to be reaching out to our membership to find out more details of what they did last year, what worked, and what didn't, and to try and get ideas for what we can do this year, and quickly put in place, as we've got less than a month less.

Fun fun fun! w000t!

Riley Harrison

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