Expansion Equipment - adopt an item, aka Got a nice rack?

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Re: Expansion Equipment - adopt an item, aka Got a nice rack

Postby otto_pjm » Sun Sep 18, 2011 10:32 am

Wanted to bump the thread, donations have been few.

There is a Dust Collector, Air cleaner, and Compressor that would be useful in a current auction (ends Tuesday). It would be nice to have some additional funds to help procure them. If you can donate please see the link on the main page to the right of the blog posts and contribute. There's some racking too, but we've received $0 for that fund so far.

Questions, let me know.



Dust Collector
http://www.hoffonlineauctions.net/cgi-b ... ?hoff77/92

Air Cleaner
http://www.hoffonlineauctions.net/cgi-b ... ?hoff77/84

Point based air cleaner, welding fumes etc.
http://www.hoffonlineauctions.net/cgi-b ... hoff77/516

Shop air sized compressor
http://www.hoffonlineauctions.net/cgi-b ... hoff77/550

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