Li-Ion Batteries and Electric Vehicle Conversion Components

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Li-Ion Batteries and Electric Vehicle Conversion Components

Postby Keith » Fri Sep 03, 2010 10:10 am

I work with ReGo Electric Conversions and we have some excess inventory to sell and I wanted to offer it up here to the local DIY scene. While we are currently doing plug-in hybrid vehicles conversions, we have also completed several 100% electric vehicle conversion. Since our current focus is the plug-in hybrid vehicle conversions, we are selling off our excess 100% EV conversion components, including our Li-Ion batteries.

We have the the major conversion parts: motor, charger, BMS, heating and AC components, controller, batteries, a vehicle (2003 Ford Focus) that is ready to have the electric components installed and a lot of the design work done to complete the conversion. The conversion would be similar to this one. We can also provide a Sketch-Up model with the electric components and the vehicle chassis to finish up the design work as well as an accurate, fully dimension motor adapter plate plans that only needs to be brought to a fabricator.

We also are selling off our excess Li-Ion batteries, they are the ThunderSky brand, nominally 3.2 V and 160 Ahr (~0.5 kWhr of storage) for $225 a piece. The manufacturer's data sheet is located here: (pdf link).

Lastly, we have some excess flexible 90W/120VAC heaters and temperature switches available if anyone is interested. The craigslist posting and all the technical information is located here.

If you are interested in doing an EV conversion this winter and are interested in our "starter set" or any other item I listed here, contact me through the forum or at keith at ampyourride dot com

Additionally, I'd love to answer any questions you all might have about who we are or what we do.


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