Custom Dual-Opteron Workstation

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Custom Dual-Opteron Workstation

Postby Theo » Thu Jun 04, 2009 11:05 am

Folks, I've got more computers at home than I know what to do with, and I could use some ca$h right about now, so I'm putting Big Green up for sale.

This is a high-end machine I originally built to see what kind of gaming rig I could make out of server parts. This was right before multicore processors became plentiful, so it doesn't have a dual-core CPU -- it has dual CPUs. And they're 64-bit Opteron processors, tapping RAM sticks which are both high-performance and error-correcting (fast and stable). It's running the 64-bit version Windows XP Pro, which was the jumping-off platform for Vista, without all the Vista-related headaches. It has a server-class mainboard, a factory-overclocked GeForce 6800 Ultra video card... hmm, that review link right there is particularly interesting, because Big Green has better specs by far than their testing rig. Better mainboard (I've used that same MSI one too; it was a pain), better RAM, better power supply (Antec PSUs were crap in '05, and most of them still are in '09 :P ), WAY better hard drives (two Western Digital Raptors, 10K RPM, in striped RAID configuration), and two independently-connected CD/DVD burners. Plus there's the flash card reader, the 3.5" diskette drive (still useful! :ugeek: ), the fan controller, etc.

It's also in a UV-green translucent acrylic case with custom UV LED lighting, UV fans (red and blue), and has a retrofitted plasma disc on top, you know, like Seven of Nine had in her recharging alcove. Green, naturally. (NOTE: This is not Jeri Ryan. ;) )

This is not a new PC, obviously, but it was ALWAYS a nice one. I definitely over-engineered this thing. It's still a fine machine for Workstation tasks, like CAD, video editing, etc. It cost me more than $3000 to build, but I'm offering it at a special buy-it-now price of $500 for Makers only. :!:

Please PM me here on the board if you're interested. I can provide all kinds of information overload. :D
it looks even better with keyboard, mouse & monitor (sold separately!)
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