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Free Stuff

Postby dart31 » Sat Dec 22, 2012 8:25 pm

I have some stuff that I has been hanging around so if anyone has use for it for a project or for yourself just let me know.

First is about a 5 year old sewing machine that stopped working (not sure why it stopped but the wife bought a new one) so it is probably only good for parts or for the motors that are in it.

Next I have a bunch of 10 ft sections of white wood base molding, brand new, that never got into my last house and not needed now.
Probably not much use for a project but might help with a remodel project for a member and it helps get it out of my house.

Last are 2 wood end tables that are missing the 4 pieces of glass that go in the top of each. You could either put some replacement glass in or some neat metal or something else.

Just email me at dwtaber79 at g if you are interested in anything and I can either meet you at HC or leave the stuff there for you.


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