6' of 1/2" Fenner link belt (adjustable-length V belt)

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6' of 1/2" Fenner link belt (adjustable-length V belt)

Postby kstoerz » Sun Jun 19, 2011 1:57 pm

A buddy of mine has about 6 feet of 1/2" Fenner link belt, that neato red V belt material that can be sized to any length desired. He paid full price for it, lost the receipt, and now doesn't need it for the project it was intended for.

http://www.fennerdrives.com/high_perfor ... _home.aspx

He paid about $55 for it from his recollection, but will take $40 for it to recoup part of his investment. $40 for 6 feet is the going rate as sold by McMaster-Carr.

This should fit just about any tablesaw, etc. in the shop that doesn't use the smaller 3/8" belt size. For comparison, this is the exact same belting currently installed on the metal-cutting bandsaw next to the Craftsman metal lathe. It is larger than the 3/8" belting installed on the Craftsman metal lathe.

Any takers? Shoot me a PM or email (my forum username @gmail).


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