PLEASE READ!: Posting Guidelines and Important Topics

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PLEASE READ!: Posting Guidelines and Important Topics

Postby wammie » Sun Jun 12, 2011 9:30 pm

Welcome to the TC Maker forums! We appreciate your participation in our online community and highly value your sharing.

The TC Maker forums have been in operation since early 2009. TC Maker has mostly held to a "hands off" policy for moderating and organizing the forums. That is, we've only rarely renamed, deleted, edited, or moved forums and posts, or guided users in using the forums.

This is how we'd like to continue, though information is becoming scattered and hard to find. We might do a future reorganization, but for now we offer the following posting guidelines and pointers to important topics as a way of getting things back on track.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about our website or bulletin board, please post at Website Q and A. To suggest changes to the POSTING GUIDELINES AND IMPORTANT TOPICS post, please contact user wammie.

Thank you!

Here are some simple guidelines to make your forum experience a good one.

1. Before posting, consider doing a quick search or two for existing posts on the same topic, then if any are found, post as a reply to an existing post rather than a new post. The Search link appears in the main menu.

2. Try to post in the appropriate forum. Visit the Board index and scroll the page to see all available forum areas. The Board index link appears at the upper left of each forum page.

3. To find the latest and greatest discussions, click the View active topics link, which appears at the upper left of each forum page.

4. After entering a particular forum, take note of the announcements and stickies appearing at the top.

5. Try to keep discussions on topic. Create a new topic for discussion if it seems appropriate.

6. Make use of the User Control Panel to configure your preferences such as setting an avatar and creating a signature line. Be aware that the bulletin board software does not automatically correct the time for Daylight Savings Time transitions, so be sure to update your local time at these occasions.

7. See the FAQ for common questions regarding use of the bulletin board software. The FAQ link appears in the main menu.

8. To enter the personal messaging (PM) area, click the main menu item showing [x} new messages.

Here are links to important or popular topics appearing in our bulletin board. These topics are good places to get a flavor of how we've formed TC Maker and where you can contribute to further development.

Introductions - Introduce yourself and what you bring to TC Maker
>What do we have? An equipment and skills inventory

The Hack Factory - Ask questions or share information having to do with our maker space
>Hack Factory Facility Updates and Questions

Projects - Share what your are making
>So...what are you working on?

Upcoming Meetings - Discuss meetings on the near horizon
>Upcoming meetings

Logos and Designs - View past and present ideas for logos and designs, submit your own
>Logos & Designs

Space Planning - Participate in an exchange about space planning
>lounge lizards and code wizards

MakerBot Cupcake 3D Printer - Join the party that is our MakerBot discussion
>MakerBot Cupcake 3D Printer

Handmade Music Minneapolis (HMMM) - Know what's happening at our in-house music venue
>Call for Interest: Handmade Music/Noise Night
>HMMM Blog

The Hack Factory Mural - Discover what went into designing our maker space mural

The Great Global Hackerspace Challenge - See how TC Maker created a 10x size breadboard
>The Great Global Hackerspace Challenge- we're in.

Annual Meeting - Follow the buzz surrounding the Annual Member Meeting and agenda items
>Questions about the Annual Meeting

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