Classifieds Rules and FAQ Brainstorming

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Classifieds Rules and FAQ Brainstorming

Postby pyrodogg » Thu Jun 09, 2011 10:56 am

Our small classifieds forum here has been seeing a moderate amount of usage. However, since there has never been much organization to it it's not easy to tell which offers are still good.

Therefore, I propose putting together a few simple rules for this sub-forum. Nothing is concrete and I would very much like input from everyone. A few simple rules would just help to keep things more organized and help the moderators in cleaning things up when they're expired or abandoned without stepping on toes, etc.

My Suggestions
1. Topics must specify when the offer expires. The poster is responsible for following up on the post, even if it was just a link to a sale or item on another site. When the item is gone or the sale expired, the topic title shall be prefixed with "[EXPIRED]", tagging the topic.

If the topic is abandoned and the expiration date is not specified and it's not clear if the item is gone, the topic will be tagged [EXPIRED] after 2 weeks. If it's clear that the item is gone at an earlier time the topic will be tagged [EXPIRED] by moderators.

2. Topics for items wanted shall be prefixed with "[WANTED]" signifying that someone is looking for something not selling it.


1. Should topics ever be closed or just tagged?

I'll be back with more later

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Re: Classifieds Rules and FAQ Brainstorming

Postby Judeling » Thu Jun 09, 2011 12:45 pm

Seems Like a good Idea.

In general a lot of threads and topics need some thought.

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Re: Classifieds Rules and FAQ Brainstorming

Postby Booka » Thu Jun 09, 2011 1:11 pm

I know that a friend of mine runs a second forum software specifically for the "Classified" type messages.

It has the ability to set expiration dates when the message is posted, and lock on 10/15/30 day (Defineable)

Classified Messages become invisible after 20 days of being locked, but he also has a way to search Header, Seller, Date of archived messages

Has color schema for Wanted, For Sale and Barter messages ( Read Definable)

But since we are not trying to be a Craigslist here, I think that 30 days should be automatic lock (if your Auduino controlled Tuba does not sell in 30 days.... It never will)
I think that the words in the header should indicate if the poster is selling something, or if they are pointing out a sale at (insert name here) or if they want something.

I know that some of what gets posted here is not stuff that the poster is selling, but something another may be interested in, do we need another forum for these types of posts?

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