space/programming plan (committee feedback thread)

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space/programming plan (committee feedback thread)

Postby metis » Thu Apr 09, 2009 9:45 am

last night we fleshed out a *rough* program for our eventual space if you see things that have been missed, or think we should remove something feedback here. numbers are estimated functional square footage to achieve a useful space. * is a note, # is an item in the space that may not incur direct square footage itself.

nota bene: these are *all* program elements, some will doubtless share a room/volume i.e. a classroom may also be a meeting room. this is NOT a list of rooms, it's a list of _elements_ we _want_ to incorporate (but may not get all of)

meeting room (enclosed, cleanish, tables) 250
electronics (enclosed, soldering stations) 250
classroom (enclosed, tables/work benches) 250
wood shop area (includes open space and tool space) 1000*
metal shop area (includes open space and tool space) 0*
wet/chemical area (pcb etching, dark room chemicals) 100
vent/fume room (paint, VOC with) 100
secure storage (lock up $$$ supplies, merchandise) 100
members lounge (couches, ping pong, beer, pie) 250
public foyer (reception, open house welcome, gallery) 100
shower/changing/locker room 150
garage/rolling/large door #
+12' A.F.F. ceilings in "shop" areas #
loading dock access #
open volume (part of wood/metal area) #
material storage (useful leftovers from projects, stock) 100
good public access (parking, bus/lrt, easy to find) #
kitchen 100
outdoor space (parking lot? picnic/bbq area? forge space)#
office (membership records, shop management) 100

*wood and metal would be one large volume with open assembly space between a wood tools area and a metal tools area.

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