Twin Cities Maker Constitution, As approved.

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Twin Cities Maker Constitution, As approved.

Postby metis » Wed Apr 08, 2009 10:19 pm

As approved by unanimous consent this evening; the following is the official text of our constitution, barring any glaring typos that I may have made (as taken from the Wiki this afternoon, and per notes taken during the meeting for textual changes):

Article I- Name

This organization shall be known as Twin Cities Maker.

Article II - Purpose

Twin Cities Maker is a Twin Cities (Minnesota) based community to make, share and learn.

Article III - Membership and Dues

Section 1. Categories of Membership

* A. Active Membership - will be extended to all persons, provided that:
o 1. a membership application is completed, and
o 2. current membership dues are paid.

* B. Honorary Membership -
o 1. The Governing Board may appoint any other person/persons to be an Honorary member.
o 2. Honorary members are not required to complete an application form.
o 3. Honorary members are not required to pay dues.

Section 2. Remittance of Dues

* A. Dues shall be paid to the Treasurer of Twin Cities Maker.
* B. The dues amount shall be set by the Governing Board with consent of the General Membership.
* C. New members shall receive a copy of this Constitution and its accompanying By-laws upon joining. Continuing members shall receive updated copies annually.
* D. Membership will lapse the day after the term of membership if no dues are paid and no other arrangements are made. Arrangements may be made at the discretion of the Treasurer or their designee.

Section 3. Voting Privileges

* A. Each Active Member has one (1) vote.

Article IV - Organization

All affairs of Twin Cities Maker will be conducted by the Governing Board unless a two-thirds vote of the Active membership overrides an action.

Section 1. The voting members of the Governing Board are in order of succession:

* A. President
* B. Vice President
* C. Treasurer
* D. Two (2) At-Large members

Section 2. All Governing Board members shall have one vote at Governing Board meetings. All Active members shall have one vote at General Membership meetings. No proxy votes of any kind are to be valid, that is, any member not explicitly voting on a given question in his or her own name shall be considered not voting. Absentee ballots which explicitly vote on a given question shall always be considered valid.

Section 3. Dissolution

* A. Dissolution of this organization shall be finalized by a minimum 75% majority vote of the presently active General Membership.
* B. All members shall be notified of a possible dissolution by written notice sixty (60) days prior to any vote taken.
* C. All disbursement of assets shall be distributed in the following manner:
o 1. All outstanding debts shall be paid completely with remaining funds, if there is remaining debt.
o 2. All material possessions shall be auctioned to the general public to pay any remaining debts.
o 3. Additional funds shall be disbursed by membership decision, according to a simple majority vote of the membership at dissolution.

Article V - Meetings

Section 1. Governing Board Meetings:

* A. The Governing Board is required to meet quarterly.

*B. Governing Board meetings shall be held one hour prior to the General Membership meetings unless explicitly changed or canceled by the President. Such change or cancellation must be agreed to by all voting members of the Governing Board. Date and time of Governing Board meetings will be published on the Twin Cities Maker website.

* C. Emergency meetings can be called at the discretion of the President, with all members notified prior to said meeting.

* D. A quorum for transacting business will require no less than three fifths (3/5) of the voting members of the Governing Board.

* E. All meetings at which Twin Cities Maker business is conducted (whether regularly scheduled or not) shall be open to any and all members in good standing of Twin Cities Maker.

Section 2. General Membership Meetings:

* A. Notice of General Membership Meetings, which will be once a month, will posted to the Twin Cities Maker website at least one week prior to the meeting.
* B. Five (5) general members, excluding any present Governing Board members, will constitute quorum for transacting business.
* C. One annual meeting will occur the first monthly meeting held in May.

Section 3. Regulations

* A. Local laws and regulations will be enforced during all organizational functions.
* B. Respect will be shown at all times to any and all persons.

Article VI - Parliamentary Reference

All meetings of Twin Cities Maker will be conducted under Robert's Rules of Order, Revised, unless otherwise provided.

Article VII - Amendments

This constitution may be amended at any General Membership meeting by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the General Membership, to take effect upon passage. The text of the proposed amendments must be submitted to all members at least one month prior to a General Membership meeting.

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Re: Twin Cities Maker Constitution, As approved.

Postby Theo » Wed Apr 08, 2009 10:31 pm

:D :!: :D
and a fine, productive meeting it was, too. I am REALLY psyched about the way things are going. This is a group which will get things accomplished. :)

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Re: Twin Cities Maker Constitution, As approved.

Postby jwb » Thu Apr 09, 2009 10:24 am

Good job, guys!
///////// John B

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