Car Hacking... Again.

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Car Hacking... Again.

Postby cgallaty » Mon Sep 16, 2013 9:44 am

So it seems that I've been going through cars a bit as of late. It seems that the engine on the 2002 Camry was not long for this world. The good news is that I found a lovely 1998 Camry XLE for a song and I'm done with drive by wire.

So that brings me to the question of what lurkers here are car geeks. I just picked up a BlueTooth OBD-2 adapter and started playing with the thing. (I seem to need a new O2 sensor... yeah me) I noted that it seems to be a bit of a mystery as to what is out there, what has what, where it is, etc. I've been playing with ways to corral nonstandard data maps and the car one looks nice and tasty.

So, from what you have seen, is there a good site out there for most cars to get info, or is it scattered across a ton of different forums per car. I have the 'if you build it, they will come' mind set. I was pondering if I started work on a comprehensive car database, with a forum front end to catch some of this stuff, its at the very least likely to get some hits. It would be nice to be able to go to a site, set up a profile for all your cars, and then be able to ask questions about that car in the forum. It would try and get as much info as it could from the VIN (more tasty data, not personal tracking, mind you, but things like make/model/etc) and let you build a profile over time. People fielding the questions could look at the car and the history there and trade advice, etc. I figure at the very least, just starting a map of compatible parts to cars would allow for some vendor tie-in for some side revenue.

I'm sure someone has done some of this. I'd like to see what is out there (and use it in the mean time) I figure if I got enough folks playing with it and using it, it would not be hard to boot strap. Is it a lot of data, yes, but as folks do the research and answer questions, more of the data will get filled out. There could be a point system for entering relevant points and folks could get cred for how many questions they answer, etc etc. I just want to see it all in one place. I don't want to have to Google for a while every time I have to ask A) if a car has OBD 2 and B) where the damn jack is. C) what can I actually get off of it, etc

What is your favorite site to look for info on your car? Have you seen anything close to this for any make out there?
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Re: Car Hacking... Again.

Postby Gyvven » Tue Sep 24, 2013 3:11 pm

I've actually used to cross-reference models that use the same part#, then I grab my tools and head over to U-Pull, unless of course it's cheaper than gas to just order and ship a new part from them.

But you are correct, I haven't found a website that really discusses compatible parts from different models or even different brands unless it's mentioned on a specific car forum. Mazda and Ford did a lot of part sharing, as well as several other companies.

BTW, there are really only two kinds of O2 sensor, wideband and narrow band. Most cars use narrow band and most of the time as long as the plugs, wirecount, and mounting are the same you can use them from other cars. (Again, RockAuto is very handy because it provides pictures and other details.) I tend to stick with the same manufacturer or at least double check the pinouts on the plug.
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