Treadmill motor for direct drive grain mill

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Treadmill motor for direct drive grain mill

Postby contortpiezo » Sat Dec 15, 2012 10:49 am

Hello, I am doing some research on motor ozone a grain mill, the most critical requirements are as follows.

• 15 lb-ft (20NM) torque
• 60 rpm
• <$200 for the motor and controller

The horsepower to do this would be about 0.171 but I'd be more comfortable with something that can handle more.

So here's the meat of the question.

If I want direct drive, no space wasting pulley setups, and no cheesy gearboxes, I need to PWM the speed of the average 90-180vdc treadmill motor down to the bottom 2-3% of its capable speed range (based on the average 2k-2.5k rpm) Is it even possible to do this accurately with the contoller boards that come with these motors? Since the 60rpm requirement is absolutely crucial I'd like to know how feasible this is before I rip into an old Nordic track and possibly waste a weekend on this.

Any other suggestions would be good news.


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