Project Icarus Design Challenge - Element 14

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Project Icarus Design Challenge - Element 14

Postby KellyM » Wed Feb 15, 2012 12:43 pm

Here's something intresting, not sure if anyone in TCMaker is intrested in persuing a solution for them.

Do you have what it takes to launch a satellite into low earth orbit? If you can solve our design challenge, we'll send you to the UK where you will send an image of your choice up into space! Join Robert Harrison and element14 and enter our Icarus Design Challenge to get your face into space!

The Launch:
We're offering an opportunity for engineers to come up with a small design project which we will launch to 35,000 meters above the earth's surface (approx. 3 times higher than commercial aircraft flights) where you can clearly see the curvature of the earth and the blackness of space. The project will be exposed to a challenging environment with temperatures as low as -50C and drops in pressure close to less than 1 thousandth of those at the surface of the earth.

The project will be launched on a helium filled meteorological balloon where it will take approximately 3 hours to reach apogee at which point the balloon will be stretched to breaking point. After the balloon bursts the payload will fall to earth under a pre deployed parachute. The balloon is tracked by GPS and its location transmitted on 434.075MHz at 10mW. There will be a GoPro camera on board which will record the flight for posterity and there will be an opportunity for an image to also be recorded, held on the end of a boom attached to the payload.

The Challenge:
We need to find a way to enable two-way communications between the balloon and ground station. Solve this problem for us and you could win the challenge. We'll send you to the UK where you will work with Robert developing your solution. You'll also get to select which picture will be sent by the balloon into outer space.

For More Info:
Project Icarus

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