X-mas stuff

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X-mas stuff

Postby Happyk » Wed Sep 21, 2011 10:13 pm

Soo today they were setting one of the first x-mas waves at menards. I didn't see if they had the really cool G.E. lights in yet, wouldn't doubt it if they did.
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Re: X-mas stuff

Postby paulsobczak » Thu Sep 22, 2011 7:33 am

I think someone spotted them at cosco I believe.

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Re: X-mas stuff

Postby pyrodogg » Thu Sep 22, 2011 10:00 am

Happyk wrote:Soo today they were setting one of the first x-mas waves at menards. ....


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Re: X-mas stuff

Postby Orkraider » Thu Sep 22, 2011 6:15 pm

This thread:http://www.tcmaker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1520

mentions the lights being on sale at costco.

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Re: X-mas stuff

Postby otto_pjm » Tue Sep 27, 2011 8:03 pm

I have never seen them at Menards, Sorry HappyK,
Last year Lowes, Costco and Sears all carried them. I don't know if Costco discounts them at the end of the season or not, something tells me they don't, but Lowes had them at 50% to 70% off if you were quick after Christmas, and I got some for about half off from Sear's Online.

We'd love to get another set or two ASAP, so we can have spooky Halloween messages, Spooky Thanksgiving messages (if you're a turkey) etc through the year. If we really hustle we could have a Zombie Apocalypse (AKA Zombie pub crawl night) safety shelter sign going for Oct 8th.

The current best price I know of is $65 at Costco.
We currently have 1 string of 35 and 1 string of 50.


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