Proposal - let's make the classroom more hacker-friendly!

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Re: Proposal - let's make the classroom more hacker-friendly

Postby cgallaty » Sun Sep 25, 2011 9:38 am

Tables should roll... doesn't Axe-Man have a ton of casters?

As for the mixer, there is the pod cast thing as well. Seems like more of the same. I know there is some general resistance to a permanent sound fixture in the Space, but perhaps moving all that to the office in the front (where the pod cast is going), or doing something with the large empty space in the basement is on option. There are a lot of less used nooks in the space presently, there is the (old) office next to the vending machines, etc. In front or in the basement makes more sense from a sound perspective as there is no reason you should have to compete with a saw for sound.

There is a closet in that room in front that is currently less than utilized. It would seem a good spot to stash some equipment.
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