Virtual Spaces and positive growth

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Virtual Spaces and positive growth

Postby Auchtung » Tue Feb 08, 2011 9:45 am

So with Skyler homogenizing authentication across wiki and phpBB forum, it got me thinking:

What are some decent guidelines for what should go on the wiki versus the forum (versus the much debated blog)?

Here's some guides to get things started on wiki versus forum:
From here
* Blogs are good for collective and cumulative documentation with one
or more people adding to the blog, and potentially commenting on each
other's posts.

* Wikis are best when you want multiple people to have full editing
capabilities on the documents in question.

* Discussion forums are best for, well, discussion. They tend to be
bad for document collaboration of any sort, since it's difficult to
create anything definitive from a discussion.

Which tool you choose depends very much on what you're trying to do.

Another one here:
Forum vs Blog vs Wiki

I've pondered a few times the benefits of various tools as a means of building an internet community.

* Forums: Get lots of momentum and conversation happening, but things tend to vanish into the archives and get lost. Topics can also get off-track quickly
* Blogs: More directed than forums, but less flexible.
* Wikis: Most flexible, great ability to cross-link information. Potential to be ruined by vandalism / revert wars. Less structured format doesn't lend itself to debate / discussion / conversation as well, but can result in a more coherent final position.

I feel that, overall, wikis have the potential to generate the best results. Perhaps recent changes can be highlighted and grouped in some way to appear more like forums. Maybe some user-education would help to make people feel more comfortable.

Finally, I have a favorite site for diagnosing or "psychoanalyzing" a Wiki, and it's Wiki Patterns.

Anyway, having some sort of commonly acknowledged use of these virtual tools may be a great way to spur positive growth. Maybe even a guide or education series.

Maybe this has already been addressed in another forum post -- but now that there's a wiki auth cross-list for all users (disclaimer that it's beta), it may be good to revisit...
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Re: Virtual Spaces and positive growth

Postby metis » Tue Feb 08, 2011 12:15 pm

Re: our wiki

We don't really use it as a wiki per se, its more the "about" section of our website.

I think the intent of the group projects write up is awesome though, and can see that more as a wiki, where members can put up more at length how tos and the like in a more browsable means than the blog.

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Re: Virtual Spaces and positive growth

Postby wammie » Tue Feb 08, 2011 6:27 pm

Achtung, thanks fo the post. When the site was launched I'm not certain if much forethought went into it, all of these components were there at the start. I haven't seen much discussion previously for justifying the wiki or how we should use it.

Until the last couple of months I was the person doing most of the administration of the wiki and few others took interest.

Glad to see more participation!

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