Recap of Wednesday's Open Meeting for April 8th.

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Recap of Wednesday's Open Meeting for April 8th.

Postby Booka » Wed Apr 07, 2010 11:51 pm

For those of you who do not get down to the HackFactory on Wednesdays, here is a brief and I will suggest incomplete list of what I saw going on today.

Mame Cabinet Demo started.
JRSPhoto was working on a couple projects including a Lamp
Noise was taking some pictures of the groups that were about and different area's of the workshop/classroom
Several discussions were taking place in the space, some social, some technical, some in that area between the two.

Every Wednesday is Open Meeting night, for members and Non-Members. So if you know somebody who may have an interest, have them stop down on Wednesday, meet the folks who are there, some nights we have planned items, those should be on the Calendar, others it is just a night to work on projects, socialize, and maybe spark a new idea or two.

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Re: Recap of Wednesday's Open Meeting for April 8th.

Postby noise » Thu Apr 08, 2010 5:25 am

I was also working on my fiberglass enclosure. I finally got it somewhat trimmed. I was wishing for a big belt sander to clean it up. Now I need to work on a base.

Paul was showing a couple of his latest projects in the classroom, his Bliptronome (low budget monome hack) and stuff he's doing with Pure Data and ReacTIVision.

There was also a relatively new person (I'm sorry I haven't retained your name) showing off her very cool demos.

The photography I was doing was trying to find something useful to do with the Lens Baby pinhole lens, the killer shot still eludes me.

Another great night. The Wednesday night buzz rocks.
Make it happen.

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Re: Recap of Wednesday's Open Meeting for April 8th.

Postby paulsobczak » Thu Apr 08, 2010 1:09 pm

We also had a new guy inquiring about what the arduino and what this hack factory is all about. Metis showed him around a bit, as well metis was working on the plans for his back yard in Auto Cad, which look pretty awesome.

Wayne is had already dissected a cheap mp3 player and plans on interfacing some thing to make it weird.

Beckie was trying to get my PC up and running but that eluded both of us.

Noise and I talked a bit about the up coming Hand Made Music Minneapolis event on the first of next month as well.

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