Hot Tub Prop Party Saturday 1/23

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Hot Tub Prop Party Saturday 1/23

Postby Obi-Bob » Tue Jan 19, 2010 5:40 pm

Hello Everyone,

I'm a member of The RPF, The Replica Prop Forum. The RPF is for people who have a sort of unhealthy fascination with replica movie props. :lol: Some people buy the official licensed mass produced stuff, and some people make their own from whatever they can find or scrounge or churn out with a lathe and mill. Once or twice a year, the local prop boys (occasionally even prop girls) get together and show off what we've recently acquired or built. Usually a few beers and burgers are also invited.

This last year, I don't think we had a prop party, just the Propatorium displays at Marscon and Fallcon. SO, since no one hosted one last year, and since I've never hosted one, I figured it was time. And since my apartment is far too small, and since it's Minnesota in the winter, I figured it'd be a good time to rent a cabana at a hotel with a really nice hot tub. So this Saturday, starting some time after 3 in the afternoon and going til who knows how long, at a hotel not too far away, a bunch of us are going to be getting together to show off our toys, have a beer or two, and far too much junk food and pizza. If people want to take a dip in the pool or hot tub, that'll be fine. Speedo's will be allowed, but not encouraged. :lol:

The Prop Party's usually aren't too big, maybe a dozen to a couple dozen over the course of the night. Usually it's mostly The RPF, but I've put the word out to the 501st, Rebel Legion and Minnesota FanForce, so hopefully there'll be some new faces there. It seemed since some of us propgeeks like to build our own stuff, and most people don't have access to a good shop, it'd be a good chance to meet the TCMakers and have a chance to work at the Hack Factory. And also for you all to see what we all do.

So if you want details, shoot me a PM. It's a hotel in Bloomington, but I'd prefer not to have all the details posted out there for the entire world, just so some enterprising person doesn't happen to drop by when the few survivors are out floating in the hot tub and the replica Vader Revealed helmet and Indiana Jones golden idol are just sitting there looking for a new home. Also I'd like to stay off the hotel's radar, so they don't have to send in their Special Forces to shut us down. ;) Yes, I'm paranoid. :mrgreen:


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