Fundraiser/Mini-Maker Fair (Minne-Faire) at Hack Factory!

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Re: Minne-Faire, Flyer Bonanza Today

Postby wammie » Sat Jan 30, 2010 3:13 pm

Today I was able to leave Minne-Faire flyers at several businesses in Bloomington and south Minneapolis!

These are the businesses:

Johnson Hardware
Hudson's Ace Hardware
Nicollet Ace Hardware
Welna Ace Hardware
Diamond Lake Ace Hardware
Leonardo's Basement
Seward Café
Anodyne Café
Common Roots Café
DreamHaven Bookstore

There should be no need to distribute more flyers to these businesses.

I also went to the following chain stores and found they did not allow postings of such flyers:

Home Depot

Probably similar large chain stores like Costco, Best Buy, and Fleet Farm have the same policy.

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