MINUTES: May 27th Business Meeting

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MINUTES: May 27th Business Meeting

Postby Theo » Thu May 28, 2009 8:20 pm

Twin Cities Maker
Business Meeting, 5/27/2009

scribbled by Theo and reassembled in AbiWord 2.6

Carlin (aluminumfetish)
Dave (idris_arslanian)
Jim (darus67)
Jon (jtbarclay)
Jude (judeling)
Michael (metis) - Dev Coord
Mike (uptownmaker) - Pres
Skyler (pyrodogg)
Steffin (swinkdaddy)
Theo (Theo) - Sec'y
Wayne (wammie) - VP

Absent due to illness: Brandon (orion) - Treasurer

Mike brought his whiteboard and his steel-and-brass "gavel"

Lots of folks seem to like Common Roots' grilled cheese sandwich plate.

    • thanks Dave for starting the idea of pledges
    • we need to start collecting fees/dues from members
    • This Saturday AM, the Board will open a bank account for Twin Cities Maker at US Bank (Jon asked why US Bank but no objections; Mike and Theo have had long satisfactory experience w/US Bank; Michael likes them better than TCF)

Potential workshop spaces -- by a clear majority show of hands, TC Maker has new momentum behind starting out with a smaller, more affordable temporary space (discussion ongoing throughout meeting)
    • simple "Clubhouse" for meetings & classes; no permanent gear
    • about 500-600 square feet
    • $1000/month (inclusive) or less
    • month-to-month lease
    • For ease of future expansion, it would be beneficial to locate it in a flexible building complex with many other (larger) space options, and cooperative, willing-to-negotiate management. Examples: Central Business Center/Thorp, 451 Taft (PMI); to a lesser degree, Northrup King, General Mills Research Center

Pull the trigger (sign a lease) once we reach a certain threshold, such as (TENTATIVELY)...
    • 50 members
    • 3+ months worth of operating costs in the bank

Whiteboard -- how do we get from Point A (Common Roots meeting room) to Point B (well-equipped permanent Maker workshop)?
    • • bank account (as above)
    • • PayPal account, linked to bank acct
    • • option for automatic recurring payments
    • • tell your friends
    • • FaceBook networking
    • • possibly similar to Studio Bricolage's "First Thursdays"
    • • classes, like Arduino programming
    • • Swap Meet, like a Maker flea market
    Group Projects (milk-carton boat race? Trebu-Foshay? ...ideas needed)
    • • Find inexpensive (like, free) platforms which still pull the right eyeballs
    • • post 8.5x11" flyers (needed!) at hardware stores, coffee shops, food co-ops, etc.
    • • Steffin mentioned PR connections which owe him favors; free publicity possible 8-)
    • • blog posts, worklogs, articles, writeups of events (needed!)
    • • Get "partner links" placed on external sites with common interests & goals (Science Museum, Makezine, Chicago Ave Fire Arts, etc.)
    • • Bulletin-board signatures (a la Wammie)

Dues & Membership Fees
• $10-$20/month until first threshold reached & Clubhouse started
• half of all initial dues paid by Members goes toward eventual membership discounts (once we have a Clubhouse or Workshop)
• receipts need to be given to Members for money received, plus accounting
• no firm resolution reached regarding dues; no money collected

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Re: MINUTES: May 27th Business Meeting

Postby pyrodogg » Thu May 28, 2009 8:44 pm

Very nice write up Mr. Secretary!!

I'm working on an interesting little financial model based on the "clubhouse" then shop; preliminary-> reduced -> full dues discussions at the meeting

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Re: MINUTES: May 27th Business Meeting

Postby Theo » Thu May 28, 2009 9:20 pm

Sounds good, I'll be interested to see that (as will others).

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