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Nuaire Inc. Flow Bench $1 - solder workstation perhaps

Posted: Thu Aug 12, 2010 12:36 pm
by otto_pjm

There's 4 days left in a auction at a Medtronics facility.
This looked like a very useful item at a lovely price. I believe it has a built in filter system, and doesn't vent externally. Anybody know more about these things, Is it worth getting? ... =846977964

We'd need to move somewhat quickly as the auction it's in ends on Monday.
Does anyone have a full size van or Truck that work to move it, I'd be happy to fund it at it's current price, but have no good way to move it.

Also on auction, tons of storage cabinets, a fireproof cabinet, work benches, stainless steel tables etc.
There are also some very nice CNC tools, but I'll spare you as they weigh in the 2 ton range and require 3 phase power.


Re: Nuaire Inc. Flow Bench $1 - solder workstation perhaps

Posted: Sat Aug 14, 2010 10:19 pm
by otto_pjm
This has been discussed on the Google group, tune in there. Current status is I'll be focusing on storage related furniture. Storage cabinets, shelves and maybe a rotating parts storage thing, depending on how the auction bids go. The intention is to have somewhere to organize things on the clean up day.