Flammables disposal can

What things would you use at the maker shop?
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Flammables disposal can

Postby rigger » Thu Aug 18, 2011 10:55 am

Riley's post about signage (General area) got me to thinking. We need a fire-safe can (usually a heavy metal barrel with a pedal operated lid) for the shop. A place to dispose of solvent soaked rags and other combustible items.

As is so often the case, I had two really nice examples in Boston. Sadly, both are lost to me now.

Both of mine were obtained second hand, the large one (which I used for ALL shop trash) from a warehouse sale, another smaller (used in the winter/basement shop) from the MIT flea market. Neither was overly expensive. Of course we probably have the genius required to roll our own.

I'd put this way up on top of the list of things we "should" have--particularly given the modest cost. Suggest the usual suspects keep their eyes peeled. One will surface.

Meanwhile, I suggest that the shop supervisor and dept. heads provide policy regarding combustibles. I can vouch first hand--and as someone who knows about spontaneous combustion (in other words, I should have known better)--how quickly an oily rag tossed in a wastebasket can start to smolder.


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