Android / IOS, NFC, BT, Miracast mobile wireless workstation

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Android / IOS, NFC, BT, Miracast mobile wireless workstation

Postby Gyvven » Mon Apr 07, 2014 3:04 pm

Another idea that has entered into my brain that I need help with (the idea, not the brain); I would like to be able to take my smartphone and once it entered into the proximity of an NFC device would fire up an app that would simultaneously do a WiFi pair with a Miracast device plugged into a monitor and also connect it via BT with a keyboard and mouse. Preferably, the phone's screen could remain blank and in your pocket, or set onto a pad (maybe with induction charging?). This way you could use your smartphone as a computer and you would have a station you could just walk up to and start using like a real computer instead of struggling with a tiny screen and tiny keyboard for your tired thumbs.

Take the idea even further and you could wander around your house with your phone in your pocket and it would/could mirror your phone on touchscreen monitors (or all-in-ones) chosing to pair with the nearest one.

Anyone interested in playing with this idea with me?

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