Hackable Camera Uses

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Hackable Camera Uses

Postby bwsp » Mon Nov 12, 2012 9:19 am

Hello all.

I have a damaged Canon A630 PowerShot 8 MP digital camera. It seems fully functional in all ways except one: the LCD screen no longer works.

I drove off with the camera sitting on the roof of my car and didn't realize it until the next day. I returned to the scene and found the camera. It had rained overnight. The LCD problem may be due to hitting the pavement or from the water exposure.

With no screen the camera loses the digital viewfinder and stored image viewing functions obviously, but in this case you also lose access to all of the programming menus, etc. which are displayed on the screen. If you can figure out some way to connect this silver box to a display of some kind, I think the camera would be fully functional.

I have been holding on to this camera for about 4 years, planning to use it for something at some point in the future. But it is just cluttering up my desk, so I have decided to see if anyone would like to use it for something. If you would like to have this valuable junk, reply to this post with your proposed project. I will give the camera for free to the person whose project I think is the most interesting and/or useful. This offer is open until the EOD on November 30.

The technical manuals for this camera are linked below:

http://www.usa.canon.com/cusa/support/c ... AndManuals

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