The Closing of the Mill

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The Closing of the Mill

Postby Thorpedo » Thu Mar 28, 2013 3:14 pm

I received an email today that is disheartening. The Mill will be closing permanently April 20th, 2013. It is where I first learned about laser cutting on that beautiful Epilog laser and using a CNC router on their ShopBot. There are some good people there. For myself the rates were a bit high for my uses. But, I had hoped it would be able to make it by filling a niche where business start-ups would have a place to work out of. Here is the text of the email:

To: All Members of The Mill

Since opening February 1, 2012, The Mill has been host to 90 members and 306 participants in classes ranging from soap making and sewing to Arduino microcontrollers and build your own 3D printer. Amazingly talented people have given their time and effort to build an incredible community. So many of you have built lasting relationships here, to the point where it becomes obvious The Mill’s tools may be what attracted everyone, but a compulsion to learn, hack, improve and understand is really what The Mill has been about. There are so many that should be thanked for what they have contributed, but I would like to mention a few who contributed so much: Michael Gregerson, without whom The Mill never would have opened, Micah Roth for teaching the 3D printer classes and being the in house smart guy, Brigette Mathiason for being the entire reason The Mill has had a sewing program, Annie Donegan for her unending creativity and talents in everything she does, Greg Flanagan for his ability with the CNC router, Corey Huseby for being able to make anything, Ben Arcand for teaching the Shopbot classes, and who along with Corey, came in on his own time to service all the equipment and install a compressed air system, Bruce Shapiro for being an inspiration to us all, and Joe Bryzki for teaching the laser and Solidworks classes. I know I am leaving people out. To ever one else…thank you.

Unfortunately, I am writing to you all today to inform you that The Mill will be closing it’s doors permanently April, 20, 2013.

I am announcing the closing early to allow those of you who produce items at The Mill to produce enough to build inventory, and allow some time to transition to other means of production.

There will be limited hours starting April 2, 2013, which will be posted on the website.

Thank you again for supporting The Mill

Keep Making,

The Mill

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